Dated Siaha, the 17th May, 2012.


NO.MADC.3/GAD/2012/ Dated Siaha, the 17th May, 2012, In partial modification of Notification under Memo No. MADC.3/GAD/2012/ Dated Siaha, the 15th May 2012, Allocation of portfolios amongst members of the Executive Committee is hereby notified for information and necessary action to all concerned as shown against their names with immediate effect.

Portfolios of any Executive Members during his absence from the headquarters will automatically fall with the Chief Executive Member.

1. Puhpa R.T.Zachono, Chief Executive Member

1. General Administration Department.
2. Appointment, Posting & Transfer.
3. Planning & Programme & Implementation.
4. Finance.
5. A H & Vety Department.
6. Art & Culture Department.
7. Vigilance.
8. Relief & Rehabilitation.

The department which is not included in this notification and any subject which may come under Mara Autonomous District Council in due course shall be automatically with the Chief Executive Member.

2. Puhpa N.Zakhai, Executive Member

1. Education Department ( P.S. & M.S. )
2. S.S.A.
3. Board of School Education.
4. Adult Education.

3. Puhpa K.Hrahmo, Executive Member

1. Local Administration Department.
2. Urban Development.
3. Panchayati Raj Institution.
4. Law & Judicial.
5. Protocol.
6. Power & Electricity and Telephone.

4. Puhpa I.P.Junior, Executive Member

1. Agriculture Department.
2. Horticulture Department.
3. Sericulture Department.
4. Minor Irrigation Department.
5. Fishery Department.

5. Puhpa M.H.Tiabi, Executive Member

1. Public Works Department.
2. Information & Publicity Department.
3. Information Technology (IT).
4. Co-Operation Department.

6. Puhpa K.Chhuabei, Executive Member

1. Rural Development Department.
2. Industry Department.
3. Road Transport Department.

7. Puhpa V.VB.Byhna, Executive Member

1. Soil & water Conservation Department.
2. Social Welfare Department.
3. Sport & Youth Services Department.

8. Puhpa KH.Beihlo, Executive Member

1. Environment & Forest Department.
2. Inland Waterway Department.
3. District Library.

9. Puhpa FC.Lawmkima, Executive Member

1. Land Revenue & Settlement
2. Public Health Engineer Department.
3. Parliamentary Affairs.

Sd/- R.T.Zachono
Chief Executive Member,
Mara Autonomous District Council

Memo NO.MADC.3/GAD/2012/ : Dated Siaha, the 17th May,2012

Copy to :-

1. Persons concerned for information & necessary action.
2. The P.S. to Chief Executive Member, MADC, Siaha for information.
3. The P.S. to Chairman, MADC for information.
4. The Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram. District Council affairs Department for information with a request to publish in the Mizoram Gazette ( Six spare copies enclosed)
5. The Deputy Commissioner, Saiha District, Saiha for information.
6. The Superintendent of Police, Saiha District, Saiha for information.
7. All Member of District Council for information.
8. All Heads of Departments under MADC for information.
9. All Heads of Offices within Saiha District for information.
10. The Executive Secretary, L.A.D.C. Lawngtlai / C.A.D.C. Kamalanagar for information.
11. Guard file.

Executive Secretary
Mara Autonomous District Council

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