NO.MADC. 18/EDN/M/2015-
Siaha, the 19th March, 2018


1. Atakô 2018 liata MADC Model Students’ Scholarship Ezâh n’awpa noh cha târi 26.04.2018 (Thu) a châ aw.

2. Middle School nata Primary School to CL-IV,V,VI & VII achuhaipazy ta Ezâh he ama hmiachhy aw.

3. Class to achuhaipazy ta class amâ tyuna hmiatuapa (Previous year class) liata amâ chupa (Subjects) chyu amâ ezâh aw.

4. Amâ ezâh awpa Subject zy cha – 1) English 2) Mara reih 3) Mathematics nata 4) Science zy a châ aw.

5. Subject to ta 25 Marks phaoh aw ta a zydua ta 100 Marks a châ aw.

6. Questions zy he achyu kawpa chi (Very Short type of question) ta tao awpa châ aw ta, Marks 1 or 2 phaohpa a châ aw.

7. MDC Constituency to tawhta marks ahmô hluh chaipa ta 50% (50 Marks) achyh chaipa ta ama hmô awpa châ ta 50% ama hmô lei khiahta cha sâkhana ta phuah theipa châ leipa aw ei ta, lymâ (Scholarship Award) chhao dao aw veih ei. Pachutuhpazy ta he chôchah he ama Student zy ama chhopasia awpa châ sala.

8. Ezâh n’awpa su cha MDC Constituency khihpi chyu liata châ heih aw ta Maisa, Palâ nata Lôdaw khihzy deikua cha amâ hnia viapa khih, Phura liata amâ ezâh aw.

District Council Education Officer
Mara Autonomous District Council

Memo No.MADC 18/EDN/M/2015 : Siaha, the 19th March, 2018.

Copy to:-
1. All Headmasters Middle Schools & Primary Schools ama vaw pahno awpa nata ama student zy ezâh awpa ta pachhuahpanoh khei awpa ta pahnosapa ama châ.
2. Secretary, Board of School Education, MADC for information & necessary action.
3. District Project Co-ordinator, SSA Mission, Siaha for information & necessary action.
4. All CEOs for information & necessary action.
5. Information & Publicity Officer for information with a reguest to publish above circular through the news paper in Siaha and Tipa ‘V’.
6. Office copy.

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