Mara Typical Village, Art & Culture Department, Mara Autonomous District Council, Siaha ta a sapa cha pahy thei awpa ta pachhua pano khaipa a cha tawhta he ary liata suh nata daihti liata Puhpa R.T.Zachono, Chief Executive Member, MAra Autonomous District Council ta pahyna Lôbô a bô aw.

Mara Typical Village pahyna programme:

A su : Chedôh Lômathu, Zyhno.

A daihti : Dt. 18.07.2014 at 1:00Pm

Chief Guest : Puhpa R.T. Zachono, CEM, MADC, Siaha.

Chairperson : Pihno K.Pari, A & CO, MADC.

Order of items

1. Welcome address : Chairperson.

2. Devotion : Rev. Danny Chozah

3. Solo : John Beizachhi Phuto

4. Inauguration of Mara Typical Village followed by speech : Chief Guest.

5. Solo : A. Chhualai

6. Speech : Puhpa L.Prisila, Dy. Chairman, MADC.

7. Sawhlâkia : MCHP, Zyhno.

8. Technical report : Secretary, Typical Village Board, Zyhno.

9. Solo : Eden T. Azyu (Maraland Idol)

10. Short Speech : VCP-I, Zyhno.

11. Vote of thanks : K.Ngiachhie, Asst.

Feast — Feast — Feast — Feast.

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