Whereas the term of caretaker village Council of Lopu-II (Khaikhy) Village Council appointed under L/No.1/LAD/2013-2014 of 27th January, 2014 is due to expire, and whereas the case of the said village council is under consideration in Hon’ble Guwahati High Court Aizawl Bench, and is not yet settled.

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powered conferred by sub-section 2 of section 6 & sub-section 1 (b) of station 26 of the Mara
Autonomous District Council (village council) Act, 1974 as amended from time to time, the Executive Committee of the Mara Autonomous District Council is pleased to extend the term of caretaker of Lopu-II for another 6 (six) months or till the completion of Election for the said Village Council is held whichever is earlier with effect from 1.7.2014 as below:

1. Puhpa L.Vatle as VCP.
2. Puhpa Ch.Zawle as Vice President.
3. Puhpa K.Makhai as VCM.
4. Smt S.Chhaihlao as VCM.
5. Puhpa Suma as VCM.
6. Puhpa Heikho Solo as Secretary.
7. Puhpa B.Khaiko as Crier.

Sd/- K.Hrahmo
Executive Member (LAD)
Mara Autonomous District Council,
Siaha District, Siaha.


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