Puhpa_J_Rawna_PhotoPuhpa J.Rawna

Constituency : Tokalo

Party Name : Maraland Democratic Front (MDF)

Number of terms elected to MDC: 1 (One)

Email Address:

Father’s Name : Lychho

Mother’s Name : Hiaza

Date of Birth : 29.03.1962

Place of Birth : Tokalo

Marital Status : Married

Date of Marriage : 7-5-1998

Spouse’s Name : H.C. Mongia

No. of Sons : 2 (two)
No.of Daughters : 3 (three)

Educational Qualification : B.A.

Profession : Politics

Permanent Address : College Vaih, Siaha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Present Address : College Vaih, Siaha PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Post held : MDC

Special Interests : Church Elder’s work.

Social and Cultural Activities : Practice Cultural dance in youth days.

Other Information :

Mobile Number : 9436142658

Phone Landline :

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