Puhpa N. Zakhai

Chief Executive Member (CEM),
General Administration & Control Department,
Finance Department,
Planning & Programme Implementation Department,
Art & Culture Department,
Vigilance Department,
Sericulture Department.
Mara Autonomous District Council, Siaha.

Constituency :  Maubawk.

Party Name :  INC.

Number of terms elected to MDC :  4 (four) terms.

Email Address :  N/A.

Father’s Name :  N. Tyulo (L).

Mother’s Name :  V. Sopa (L).

Date of Birth :  21.10.1956.

Place of Birth : Theiva Village.

Marital Status :  Married.

Date of Marriage :  12.3.1986.

Spouse’s Name :  H.C.  Ngopaw.

No. of Sons :  1 (one).

No. of Daughters :  3 three).

Educational Qualification :  M.A. (NEHU).

Profession :  Politician.

Permanent Address :  New Colony-11, Siaha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Present Address :  New Colony-11, Siaha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Post held :  E.M. (Edn).

Special Interests :  N/A.

Social and Cultural Activities :  N/A.

Other Information :  N/A.

Mobile Number :  9436963534.

Phone Landline :  N/A.

3 Responses to “Puhpa N. Zakhai”

  1. N.Solomon Beihlotha January 20, 2014

    Pha kaw tarawta..anohdeikua N/A (not available/ not applicable) tahpa bah a hlupa eita cha maw? Special interests :- lia zy khitala interest zy la a hnei hrata pangiasa nata. Phone Landline zy lia chhao khi a y hrawta tla ei pangiasa hra. N/A tahpa zydua khi a thei khia tala pabie thei khai ei sala la..a ngai via pachai ta ei pangiasa.

  2. MADC ta website official portal pha kawpa ahnei pahe a ly a chhih kaw. Hmopha kawpa he mohoh pazi pa a cha vei khia phahnai awhvei.Ama pahy za lia khata hruapa ei cha lei vata a hlaotheivei hrasala, TV tawhta ei vaw moh. MADC ta chhaichhi a hnei pazy he web based ta computerised awhpa a ngiah hmeisei haba.

  3. Puhpa N.Zakhai EM(Edn) he Philosophy subject achupa a cha vata a cha thlyu aw.A paloh a pahsi kawpa ta ei pahno.

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