Puhpa_RT_Zachono_CEM_MADC_SiahaPuhpa R.T. Zachono

Chief Executive Member

Mara Autonomous District Council, Siaha.

Constituency : Rawmibawk.

Party Name : INC.

Number of terms elected to MDC :  6 terms.

Email Address : N/A.

Father’s Name :  T. Hrilo (L).

Mother’s Name :  C. Deisa (L).

Date of Birth :  December 20, 1946.

Place of Birth :  Rawmibawk.

Marital Status :  Married.

Date of Marriage :  January 27, 1977.

Spouse’s Name :  S. Sari.

No. of Sons :  1 (one).

No. of Daughters :  2 (two).

Educational Qualification:  M.A. (History).

Profession :  Politics.

Permanent Address :  New Saiha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Present Address :  New Saiha East, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Post held :  Chief Executive Member.

Special Interests : Revolutionising Maraland.

Social and Cultural Activities :

Other Information : N/A.

Mobile Number : 9436962681.

Phone Landline : 03835-222046.

4 Responses to “Puhpa R.T. Zachono”

  1. N.Solomon Beihlotha January 20, 2014

    A lypa a cha kawna…hmasiena chikha (better maraland)na a cha hmeisei.

  2. Lungmuana Hrahu January 24, 2014

    CEM hmasie kho kawpa eima cha hneipa he ei ly kaw. Abeipa ta tha cha patlo lyma sala na term chhohta Marahpa sawzy cha ta hmasiena ngiatlahpa mia taopa lyma ma y.

  3. He always welcomes advice and suggestions.

  4. Robert B Syuhlo April 3, 2014

    Mara râh CEM avaw châ hapazy khata, ei pahnochhei vei khiahta la, atahmâ ta eima CEM hawhta Vision, biepipa châta, “Better Maraland beyond 2020” a hneipa he vaw y mâh veih ei..atahmâ ta eima CEM he pasâhsa â chhih ngaita kaw….Let’s Roll towards a Better Maraland…!!!!

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