Zâhnia târi 20 April, 2018, Chutynoh my dawh 11:00 AM pa ta MADC Forest Department Hall liata Siaha Town Master Plan 2025, Final Draft chôchâh liata NGOs, Mizoram sawhkhâ nata MADC sawhkhâ department liata HOD zy tawhta pachâna la awpa ta Puhpa V. Zacho, Executive Secretary ta meeting a aw.

He liata MTP Headquarters tawhta Puhpa PP. Zalena, President nata MSO Headquarters tawhta Satlia LD. Vabeihruasa, President nata a hrialâhpazy a hlao hra ei ta, Mizoram sawhkhâ ry liata HOD/representatives thokha nata MADC tawhta HOD hluhpi ta amâ hlao hra.

Siaha Town Master Plan he Draft Report sâ 2(Preliminary & Interim Reports) tao hapa châ ta, atahmâ tahpa he sâ 3-na(Final Report) a châ. Draft Final Report he cha zawpi pachâna la abyuh vâta he hawhta meeting awpa a châ. He khai tawhta khih moh, vaih moh nata panano byuh hropa zydua proof reading hneipa châ aw ta, kô 2020 liata ready hmâ awpa ta Final Report hmeiseihpa cha tao heih awpa a châ.

He meeting liata Resource Person châta hmâpa nata Siaha Town Master Plan ataotuhpa Puhpa Jacob Manohar, Associate Town Planner, Urban Development Ministry, Delhi cha Power Point hmâpa ta Siaha Town plan taona chôchâh reipasiana a hnei.

Ano hleikhô ta Pihnô Sreeja Nair, Disaster Management Expert, Delhi chhao Power Point Presentation taona hnei hra ta, Siaha khih liata lei chopa nata a vaina awpa pachuna a hnei hra.

Siaha Town Master Plan 2025 he kô 2020-2025 chhôh liata hmâ awpa châ ta patohpatiapa châ ta, he Town Plan he Siaha khichhôh liata O nata lâpi y chiehpa pananona awpa châta châ leipa ta, khih pakawhna awpa liata peimawh awpa zydua châta taopa a châ.

Eima râh khihpi Siaha he Master Plan sianôpa a y tlâ lei vâta eima O sana dâh nata O nata zawpi siena lâpi likawh ahlana zie awpazy, O nata O likawh ahlana zie awpazy sianôpa hnei tlâ lei pi ta, he vâna he ta Disaster avaw tlô thei awpa kyh liata rairuna thata eimâ tyh awpa a châ zie Puhpa Jacob he ta a reih hra.

Chavâta Siaha khih pakawh-na awpa châta Master Plan taopa he cha Plan sianôpa nata chhâ avaw y awpa liata tao pazao lymâ awpa a châ hleikhô ta Siaha khichhôh pakawh via lymâ n’awpa liata Project tao awpazy liata reference taona awpa châta hmâ lymâ awpa a châ.

Master Plan he kô 5 châta tao chhieliepa châ ta, kô 2025 khô lâta cha ahropa tao laih heih awpa a châ hra.

O sa lyutaona liata dâh sianôpa eima hnei mâh lei vâta atahmâ tawhta cha “Siaha Town Development Control Rules” chhao thlai tao awpa ta proposal taopa a châ hra.

Atahmâno ta Project/Proposal tao awpa ta dâh atlychaka awpa eima hneipazy:-

1. Mizoram Urban And Regional Development Act Rules 1990.
2. Provisions of article 244(2) and the Sixth Schedule to rhe Constitution of India.
3. Mizoram Land and Revenue Act 2013.

He Master Plan a base pa ta PROJECTS/PROPOSALS tao thei awpa zy:-

1. Soil conservation.
2. Comprehensive Solid Waste Management.
3. Tourism Development Plan .
4. Enhanced Regional Connectivity.
5. New Proposed area for Development Siaha Township.
6. Community facilities
7. Rejuvenation of water-bodies
8. Continuous Water Supply system for the town
9. Non-motorized Transport Infrastructure Upgradation
10. Construction of transport terminal and truck terminal
11. Administrative Reforms In MADC
12. Housing scheme including Economically Weaker Section
13. Vocational Institutes to train young unemployed youths and Small Scale Industrial Complex
14. Wholesale Market Yards market
15. 4 Dispensaries and one Hospital with 200 bed with modern facilities
16. 6 Primary Schools, 2 high schools, one Higher Secondary School, one Nursing and Pharmacy College and one polytechnic institute.
17. Natural Disaster Mitigation unit in MADC and coordinating with DC office of State Government
18. Execution of Building Bye-laws and Development Control Rules for Siaha Town.

Hy ary liata palâsapazy he Siaha khih pakawh-na awpa châta eima hmô thei awpa Funding Source thokhazy a châ:-

1. North Eastern Special Infrastructure Development Scheme(NESIDS).
2. Non Lapsable Central Pool Of Resources (NLCPR) Scheme.
3. North Eastern Road (NER) Schemes.
4. Hill Area Development Project (HADP).
5. Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF).
6. Pradhanmantri Gram Sadakyojana (PMGSY).
7. Multi-Lateral And Bi-Lateral Funding Agencies Such As World Bank,Asian Development Bank and Others.

Siaha khih pakawh-na awpa su he a hluh kaw no ta he Master Plan 2025 liata ânua chaipa cha Thosaih nata Siaha likawh he a châ.

He chôchâh liata hiahrina ahnei khohpazy nata hmah la viana awpa liata pachâna athyu thei awpazy cha Siaha Town Plan Officer incharge Puhpa BeiRôkhu Beitâ, I & PO, MADC liata châ rohpa ta thyu theipa a châ hra.

Siaha Town Master Plan he kô 2016 tawhta tao pathao hapa châ ta, Siaha khih Map taona daihti liata Survey liata bao awpa ta ahawpa Siaha College Student Laihsa Beingiarili Syuhlô nata a viasa sahlaozy chô liata Puhpa Jacob he ta alynabie a reih hra.

He meeting he ahlao tloh kawpa ta pahnopa châ ta, eima Mararâh khihpi kyh pachâ ta Town Plan taona awpa vâta Meeting awpa pachâ peimawh ta avaw hlaopa zydua hnoh ta Puhpa V. Zacho, Executive Secretary, MADC ta alynabie a reih.

(Written by BeiRôkhu Beitâ, I & PO, MADC, Siaha. 21 April, 2018).

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