Dated Siaha, the 9th January, 2014.


NO.MADC.11/GAD/2011-2014/: Dated Siaha, the 9th January, 2014. In super-cession of Notification conveyed under letter even No. MADC.11/GAD/2011-2014 of 8th January, 2014. The Executive Committee of the Mara Autonomous District Council is pleased to order posting and transfer of officers to hold new post and as in charge or additional charge to the following officers as mention against their names below:-

Names of Officers

1. Puhpa Jeff M.Sanga
Present post: J.O.-I & Jt. Secy.(Leg)
New posting place:
In charge: C P & R

2. Puhpa K.Chhihrau
Present post: Sr. D.C.A.O.
New posting place:
In charge: Jt. Secy. (GAD)

3. Puhpa K.Vanlalliana
Present post: D.C.R.D.O.
New posting place: D.C.E.O.
In charge: President (BSE)

4. Pihno K. Pari
Present post: A & C O
New posting place: Jt. Secy. (Leg)
In charge: A & C O

5. Puhpa N.Pachhunga
Present post: C.R.O.
New posting place: Secy. ( BSE)
In charge:

6. Puhpa Thaly T. Azyu
Present post: D.C.F.
New posting place: D.C.F. (Hqrs).
In charge:

7. Puhpa Pheiki Solo
Present post: R.O. (A&C)
New posting place: Sr. R.D.O.
In charge: R.T.O.

8. Puhpa R.Mawbi
Present post: D.S.C.O.
New posting place: D.C.S.C.O.
In charge:

9. Puhpa K. Beingiachhie
Present post: Sr.L.A.O.
New posting place: Dy. Adviser (Plg)
In charge: Sr.L.A.O.

10. Pihno Nazee Khailah
Present post: Dy. Secy. (Leg)
New posting place:
In charge: J.O.-II (DCC).

11. Pihno S.Lalmuanpuii
Present post: J.O.-I (SDCC)
New posting place: D.V.O.
In charge: J.O.-I (DCC).

12. Puhpa K.Beithlalô
Present post: E.O.
New posting place: E.O. (P/S)
In charge:

13. Puhpa Vabeikhaihmo Solo
Present post: A.S.C.O.
New posting place: D.S.C.O.
In charge:

14. Puhpa K.Ngo-u
Present post: R.O. (Hqrs)
New posting place: E.O. (M/S)
In charge:

15. Pihno K.Dinai
Present post: A.E.O.
New posting place: Controller of Exam.
In charge:

16. Pihno N.Elizabeth
Present post: A.R.D.O.
New posting place: D.S.W.O.
In charge: R.D.O.

17. Puhpa K.Ngokha
Present post: A.C.F
New posting place: D.C.F
In charge:

18. Puhpa HC.Beikhai
Present post: U.S (Leg)
New posting place: Sr.R.O. (A&C)
In charge:

19. Puhpa JH.Beihnai
Present post: D.A.E.O.
New posting place: A.D.A.E.O.
In charge: A.R. (Co-op).

20. Puhpa C.Siatha
Present post: J.O.-II(DCC)
New posting place: J.O.II-(SDCC).
In charge:

21. Pihno N.Maki
Present post: PS to CEM
New posting place: R.O. (Rev)
In charge:

22. Puhpa NT.Sanga
Present post: A.C.F.
New posting place: A.S.C.O.
In charge:

23. Puhpa N.Abela
Present post: C.E.O.
New posting place: A.R.O. (Rev)
In charge: A.S.P.O. (SYS).

24. Pihno Patricia T. Azyu
Present post: A.S.W.O.
New posting place: A.R.O. (Rev)
In charge:

25. Puhpa LM.Beingalai
Present post: A.S.P.O. (SYS)
New posting place: C.E.O.
In charge:

26. Puhpa C.Mochono
Present post: C.A.E.O.
New posting place:
In charge: C.E.O.

This order will take with effect from the date of issue of this order. Handling and taking over of charges will be completed within 10 days.

Sd/- V.Zacho
Executive Secretary
Mara Autonomous District Council

Memo NO.MADC.11/GAD/2011-2014/ : Dated Siaha, the 9th January, 2014.

Copy to:-

1. Persons concerned for information & necessary action.
2. The Under Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram, District Council Affairs Department for information with a request to publish the notification in the next issue of the Mizoram Gazette. ( 5 (five) spare enclosed)
3. The P.S./ P.A to all Elected Office Holders, MADC for information.
4. All Heads of Departments, Saiha District. Saiha for information
5. All Heads of Departments, under M.A.D.C. for information & Necessary action.
6. Guard file.

Executive Secretary
Mara Autonomous District Council

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