General Administration & Control Department, Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) chata MADC ry liata staff zy châta “Certificate Course in Office Automation Software” training na pahneisa. He training-na liata pachutuh awpa ta MADC staff a châleipa, khothola tawhta F. Lalrosiama, ADCA, outsource pata hmâpa achâ. F. Lalrosiama he, “Sofware for Better Management” Computer Training Institute, Siaha liata Secretary a châ haipa a châ. F. Lalrosiama abaotuh awpa ta Puhpa Pawsa Lava, MA, PCWD hmâpa a châ hra.

Training pahyna biereina chyupa, Puhpa V. Zacho, Executive Secretary, MADC ta hnei ta, Puhpa K. Beingiachhie, Dy. Adviser (Planning) ta thlachhâna ta daihti apahy.

Training Course ta apahlypa zy châ Microsoft Office hry liata miano – Microsoft Word nata Microsoft Excel zy a châ.
MADC staff zy hry liata LDC, UDC nata Officer thokhazy – manôh 186 zy atlypapuapa ama châ.

He training na he Hriatuanoh tawhta Chytyhnoh taihta O aw ta, Badge sa 6 lâta pachhaihpa achâ. Badge khata Period sakha hnei awpa cha ta, thlakha chhôh (2nd June, 2014 – 2nd July, 2014) ta aryu awpa a châ.




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