SONY DSCPuhpa K.H. Beihlo
Executive Member (Agri),
Agriculture Department,
Horticulture Department,
Minor Irrigation Department.
Mara Autonomous District Council, Siaha.

Constituency : 21-Siaha South 11.

Party Name : Indian National Congress.

Number of terms elected to MDC :  2 (two) terms, (9th & 10th MADC Term).

Email Address :  N/A.

Father’s Name :  H.C. Kiama (L).

Mother’s Name :  H.C. Pawngo (L).

Date of Birth :  21.01.1956.

Place of Birth :  Siaha Vaihpi.

Marital Status :  Married.

Date of Marriage :  23.12.1975.

Spouse’s Name :  S. Mezi.

No.  of Sons :  2 (two).

No.  of Daughters :  2 (two).

Educational Qualifications :  Bachelor Of Arts from Scottish Church College, Kolkata.

Profession :  Business before joining politics.

Permanent Address :  New Colony-1, Siaha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Present Address :  New Colony-1, Siaha, PO: Saiha 796901, Mizoram.

Post held :  Elected to 11th Term MADC.

Special Interests :  Reading books and Sports.

Social and Cultural Activities :  One term each for General Secretary of MTP (H) and President, M.T.P. Branch N.Colony, Siaha.

Other Information :

Mobile Number :  09436149164.

Phone Landline :  03835-222095.

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  1. Puhpa KH.Beihlo EM(E&F) he varopi a vaw pakyh tyh hra na ta, ano tluta bierei asohsipa nata achadopa he ama soh kaw nahta ei pangiasa kaw tyh.

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